The following letters, written by former NHCA Graduates, have been such a blessing. We believe their letters perfectly describe what our school aspires to achieve with each of our students.

Dear New Hope Staff,

I would like everyone to know how much your school has touched my family’s life. Being new to the area, everyone in the school welcomed my family with open arms and immediately made me feel like part of the New Hope Family. The staff knew everyone by name and genuinely cared for both the kids and parents. My son started first grade and was a little behind the other kids. His teacher took the time to work with him one-on-one and he was caught up in no time. My son loved his teacher and all his classmates and was excited to go to school. I am amazed at all he learned academically and spiritually. Amazing!

My daughter was in their K4 program. I have never met a more dedicated teacher who absolutely loved the students. Teaching is definitely her calling! My daughter started the year not even knowing all the letters of the alphabet let alone sounds and by the end of the year she was reading. More importantly, she learned about Jesus’ love for her. I will never forget the day she had a doctor’s appointment and had to miss school. She actually cried because she was going to miss going to school and seeing her teacher! What a blessing your school has been to my family!

Kelly McCauley
Summer 2013

Dear New Hope Staff:

How very amazed I was to see the website. I found it very informative. I too, along with John Steinklauber, enjoyed my stay at New Hope. I had the privilege to graduate from New Hope in 1991. It was a great joy for me to be able to help in the singing for the weekly chapel service, and also a great surprise when I received a scholarship for outstanding Christian service. In fact I still have the medal from that scholarship.

My fondest memory of New Hope was during my freshman year. Our basketball team had played their hearts out and had went all the way to the playoffs. How exciting those games were. Even though we did not become champs that year, in my book we were the greatest team ever.

The halls of New Hope have changed since I last walked through them, but I am so happy and blessed to see my alma mater carrying on a great tradition of love, service, and Christ centered teaching.

May God continue to bless New Hope with "NEW HOPE IN CHRIST"!

Richard Warren
Class of '91

Hello to All!

I just had to stop by and say hello. I was up late , couldn't sleep, and happily found my old schools web page! New Hope was such a blessing to me and brings back many fond memories. I am so glad to know that the school is still blessing others. You all helped me be the person I am today. And most of all showed me how to love the Lord. I am a stay at home Mom, but I feel New Hope taught me very important values to be a good mother to my children. Not to mention I am home schooling them now . I spent many years as a student of New Hope and also as a church Member. I graduated there (1990), was married by Pastor Anderson (1991) and had my first child (1993). Some of the most important times of my life were spent there. Now that I am much older and live far away, you still are in my thoughts and prayers. You all bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart!

God Bless You All,
Michelle (Townsend) Whitaker
Class of '90

Dear New Hope Friends,

I stumbled across your website today and I was compelled to send you message of greetings and thanks. I hope this message finds you all healthy, happy, and strong.

I find it difficult to believe that ten years ago, to the day, I was walking the halls of New Hope for the last time as student. I can still remember vividly my first day of school there. It was eighth grade, I was young, not so bright, and I wanted nothing to do with New Hope Christian Academy, but as the days grew into weeks, months, and then years, I grew older, a little wiser, and I didn't want to leave. In fact now, thinking back on those days, I wish I were still there.

So often we are presented with the opportunity to say "Thanks", and so rarely do I seize that opportunity. But please allow me to express how grateful I am to New Hope, its founders, its teachers, its students, and all those who continue to volunteer their time and resources to make New Hope what it is. I thank God for all the experiences that I was introduced to during my time there, good times and bad, they are all memories that I hold close to my heart. I am also thankful for the staff, teachers, and coaches who gave and continue to give of themselves to teach and train young people how to be what God intends for them to be.

I believe that education comes in many forms, some of it prepares you for a career, and some for life itself. New Hope was all of that to me, I learned the "reading, writing, and arithmetic" as well as many Bible verses (all of which still help me today), but I also learned how to give, to share, to love, honor, and serve, not just in my relationship with others but more importantly in my relationship with Christ. This kind of education comes about by observation, by watching those who care, not about a paycheck, but more for the students that have been entrusted to them; by knowing that those who were teaching me, also believe in the God who created them, the Christ who saved them, and even the student who frustrated them. They could see in us what we could not see ourselves.

I could go on and on, but no one wants to hear me ramble on in the moment of my nostalgia. But thank you, thank you all so much. I am so happy and excited to know that God is still with New Hope Christian Academy, and that you all are still carrying on the good work. May God's blessings continue to be with you, may His strength be your comfort in times of trouble, and may the Hope that we have in Him always be New.

Thank you so much,
In part I am who I am because of the time I spent with you!

John Steinklauber
Class of '93